Busy Morning at the Pups house

It was a busy morning all before leaving for work.  I got the troops out before seven and walked.  Only one of them went outside I am expecting Packy to leave me a package.  I got some more stuff out for the recycle and garbage before they arrived.  The boys got into  growling fight match.

Yes That's right I said growling fight match.  I am really sure the neighbor upstairs was very appreciative of the noise.  OF course Packy had been barking for part of the time too.  Anyway, I made them go to their beds.  Packy had his and of course Preston had the big one.  I know it wasn’t the brightest of moves to get between them but I didn’t touch them I just clapped my hands and told them No.  They knew they did was wrong.  Then I talked with them and they were fine after a while.  They seemed to understand.

I made a couple of stops before getting to work.  The first was to the post office to mail the insurance payment.  I am really going to be biting nails until it gets there.  The other was at DD on the highway rest stop.  I never realized they had a drive through there.

When I got here I signed in with Kathy B and then got started on the mail that was here from Monday.  It was the Post office mail.  I am still working on it as I type this.  Lee P brought me the lockbox sometime mid morning.  I will start that once this is done along with the lobby mail.  Joel B brought it up to me because they are looking for a particular check.

Ethel called me today.  She was in Stratford and needed a ride.  She couldn’t get a cold of Mom or Jim so I tried and by the second time I called home Mom had already gotten her.  Mom reminded me to not go online or phone.  Something must have popped up while she was online.

Annette came in around 2:30 or so.  We briefly caught up and showed her pics of the boys from Olivia’s facebook page.  She spent the time working on her stuff and around that time I started working on the lockbox.  

It was just about that I got a text message from Nancy.  I was going to write her this long text but decided that I would call and tell her.  She giggled when I told her I spoke to them.  We hung up after awhile.

I left the office just a few minutes before 4 and by then it had gotten colder, darker, and according to the radio reports about to snow.  Traffic was terrible and slow.  I called home and told Mom I wouldn’t be stopping by after all.  As I approached Milford and I stopped at the McDonald’s and got dinner it was beginning to snow harder.

When I got home I went inside and the dogs were waiting for me.  I greeted them and then after checking the house and getting the flashlight I took them outside and within a short time later they both did their jobs and we were  back inside and getting our dinner.    Both of them were eyeing my dinner.

They have quieted down now after a game of toss and catch.  An occasional barking session.  The TV is flopping back and forth from the NCIS marathon to Charmed.  The rest of the night will be NCIS marathon.  Of course a quick jaunt out the back yard.

I called Nancy to let her know of one other school related item that came in for Olivia but it wasn’t really what they were looking for.  I also had an opportunity to tell her about the picture that had fallen and broken.

Well its time to kick back and watch TV before hitting the sack....


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