Busy Morning

I was up by 6:15 and did some banking and sent emails for the 4th District and then got ready for work.  I woke Mom up by 7:25 (she had an early morning meeting this morning).  I was out the door and on the road to work.

The drive into New Haven was light but getting to the garage was a little hairy.  I felt the YNHH shuttle drivers were a little too aggressive and not allowing me to merge.  I may have not been really paying attention and I could have been wrong...(naahhhh).

I got to the office before 8 and chatted briefly and then got my breakfast that I ordered before getting into the city.  It was a little disappointing.  It was a breakfast burrito.  a little stale and soggy.

There was some mail from the post office waiting for me so i opened that and worked on the readdress mail until the lockbox came.  The Volume was light and that allowed me to work on more of the re-address mail until the second wave came.

I was shocked and dismayed last night when I discovered that Weatherman Geoff Fox was once again fired from his job as weatherman.  Apparently he made some inappropriate comments and someone reported him (apparently he wrote something on Facebook or Twitter).  I am dismayed that he would make inappropriate innuendos on the social media (its public jackass).  IF he wrote it in his blog that’s his first amendment rights.  His blog has been taken down but he still has his twitter and Facebook pages.  I have unfollowed him from twitter.  I guess its true that employers will take measures when their employees do things with the social media and blogs.

There is OT tonight and I will be there to do scanning.  Mom will be at her Bridges awards night at the Yacht Club.  She told me the last time she was there the food wasn’t good and she was hoping it would be better tonight.  I am going to stop and try to do some Christmas Shopping. It won’t be much just Becky’s Gift and Christmas cards.  

I won’t be able to watch any of the NCIS tonight.   By the time I get home it will be late.


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