Can Feel the Dampness

I could feel the dampness in the air on the way to the Nursing home this morning.  I really do have to get a new coat the one I do have is getting really old.  The lining is ripping apart.  Mom and I were talking about coats I have been pushing from Burlington and Kohls and she wants me to go to Talbot’s outlet store.  I see a trip there or Mom’s gift for Christmas.  It remained cloudy for the rest of the day until about 4 when the fog rolled in quickly. 

I got to the Nursing home after 9:30.  I think PJ was getting anxious but I wasn’t. I made my routine stops before getting there.   As the morning progressed I went and retrieved the residents and we had a big crowd.  Matthew helped PJ with paperwork.  I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when he signed up.  A couple of the people (read: Ms Dorothy) was making comments when Cookie decided he didn’t want to play.  I walked up to her and asked her not to be mean she pushed at me and said you don’t have to tell me I already said it to myself.    All of this just after we received communion.  I even said she was tough and relieved when she left. 

Bernie helped clean up with me and I checked in with PJ a couple of times before I left.  We discussed who could stay in the Recreation room alone and who had to be brought to the dining room and or back to their room.  When I left I stopped to see the picket line.  After that I got in my car and called Liz. 

A short time later I arrived and for the next hour I was there talking and listening to her and her friend Pat talk.  We talked about everything.  It was a lot of fun. I was heading home by 1:30.

When I got home Mom was on the computer upstairs and soup was cooking on the stove.  I spent the next couple of hours splitting my time between laundry, watching the NCIS marathon, and getting on the computer.

At one point I even got to spend time with some of my four legged godchildren.  I even talked to SeanD whom has been keeping busy with his two jobs.  One he absolutely loves.  We talked about not seeing any Hawks.  I don’t think he really gives a flying leap about them.  The funny thing is not too long after I had the conversation I saw one sitting on a branch on one of the trees on the edge of the swamp/marsh/wetlands.  He was in that tree for nearly a half hour.

For some reason Mom and I got to snapping at each other over really stupid stuff and it really annoyed me.  She didn’t like that I said I went to Springfield MA as part of road trip to return stuff to the Crate and Barrel  This would have been a good time to tell her when she talks like that to me it doesn’t make me feel good.  It also would never work.

Anyway all that passed.  We had dinner (left over stew with potatoes baked and sweet), She was still working on the Turkey soup until about 8.  Now she is watching TV. 

I did have a headache but taking some pain reliever helped.  I also took my plaquenil and the Warfarin earlier this even.  I have noticed a considerable change in the legs and knees.  I still have a little trouble getting up from the check at this desk.  Hoping that won’t be for long.  I have notice lots of interesting stuff from my lupus list. 

Sadly I just received an email from my journaling list informing us that one of our members lost her husband this evening.  I am saddened by this news.  People are responding with supportive emails.

I heard from Jim this evening.  The kids have sent their wish list to us and we got the info we needed.  I have given the emails to Mom so she can do the shopping. 

In the meantime I am going to finish the marathon and then go to sleep.