couldn't write last night

I was trying to get a lot  done at work and we found out that a very dear colleague passed away unexpectedly while visiting family for the holiday.    The wake as you can read is this afternoon but I am not sure if I am going yet or not.  I would have to go home and freshen up first and check on the pups.  

I had been worried about the car insurance payment and when I got the reminder call from Tom W  I explained I had mailed it earlier in the week.  Then I admitted it was done the day before.  He reassured me that it should be okay.  He also said that I could always drop it off if it ever gets too close to the deadline and they would process it.

When I left here yesterday it was around 3 or so.  I stopped at home base and had dinner with MOm before going to the pups.  I checked emails and sent emails out that needed to be sent from my Outlook.

 I was thrilled to see a card from Aunt Rose Mary and Uncle Pete.  They even had their new address in Austin.  Mom said she received a call from them the day before and they were fine.  That was confirmed in the card they sent.  They talked about spending time with the kids frequently especially their grandchildren.

I took the pups out for their walk and then we got ready for bed.  I had aches last night.

Today I got the daily stuff done.  All that’s left is the pile of re-address mail and the stuff that comes in Monday.  I worked until 3 and then came right to the pups.  I haven’t seen any gifts for me since last night but I haven’t checked upstairs.  

I gave a hefty donation to the lotto pool and that keeps me in it until January 16.  I will need to get money tomorrow or Monday or I am screwed come NYE.  

I probably should get to the laundry as I don’t plan on going out later.  There is another storm coming through tomorrow early and I want to be off the roads tomorrow.


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