I can now close the books on Christmas 2012.  I just finished the cards for this year.  I have already started my thank you notes for this year.  I have two written out so far.  One to JanetN and one to DottieC.   I am thinking of rearranging the order of the labels for next year.
Page 1: Family
Page 2: Neighbors
Page 3:  DTC/4th District
Page 4: Woman’s Club
Page 5:Mexican Train Game Team
Page 6: Friends

This is how I would like it but it might change.  I am hoping to have all the addresses updated on the Contact page by then.  For each of the groups.  I really don’t know how it will work.  It is a little overwhelming right now and I start thinking about other things.

We are supposed to be getting rain some time tonight.  It is supposed to be getting worse tomorrow.  I am not sure how long it will last either.  

TessaM sent out an email tonight cancelling her annual Laid Back New Year’s Day because of structural damage to her house from Superstorm Sandy.

Well MOm is bed so I better get there myself.


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