Early Morning Panic

This morning I could not find my ID holder that basically holds my entire life in.  I looked all over the place and in the car.  Couldn’t find it.  I even called the store  i shopped at yesterday.  They couldn’t find it either.  Well before leaving for the nursing home I found it.  It was lying on the floor next to the suitcase in the bedroom.

I also had to clean up a mess this morning.  somehow a framed picture fell to the floor and broke all over the place.  i panicked because I don’t know what happened.   I went looking for the vacuum cleaner (and the one here really sucks in the bad way).  I was able to pick up as much as I could and the other stuff is on a table.  I worried the rest of the day until I got back here about the pups.

Bigno went well even though I received news of a former patient who had been released six months or so.  She passed away from many infections she kept getting.  Her name was Minny.

After Bingo I headed back to the house and did some stuff.  I was there about 2 hours.  Mom needed me to drop off a card for Mike & Tessa so I did.  They were not home but our friends Phil G and his son were there (their house is not liveable). Then came back here and settled in for the afternoon.  

I took the pups out for a late afternoon walk and then fed them.  i noticed the sun was still out by then too.  Considering yesterday was the first day of winter (and the longest day).  

We have been watching various movies Star Trek marathon,  a little of the LOTR, and anything else that will be on.  I called M&R to see if the Credit Union is open tomorrow and it is.  So i might get to see Mike before his meeting and their trip to New Hampshire with the in-laws.  

I think I am going to take the pups on their final walk of the night....