EVery Year its the same

Every year the “end of the World” is supposed to happen.  This year is no different.  Anyone following the whole Mayan Calendar debate know what I am saying.  Check here for the count down.  Every year its the same thing and we still are here.  I have come to the conclusion when the world ends we will not know about it.

I had a great sleep last night and I think this stuff is working but I do have concerns about it.  Is it something I should be taking especially with the blood thinners and what will I ask the Dr. once he finds out I have taken it.

I managed to almost all the daily stuff done except the postage and return mail tallies done.  That will be the first things done.  Lock Box got to me half way through the morning.  I finished it before the day ended.

I had pasta salad for an early lunch.  They were good but not very filling.   I really looked forward to mac and cheese for dinner.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I Have also been chowing down on the LIndt Lindor truffles I bought last night.

After work I went to the Credit Union and opened a second savings account and it was really easy.  My friend Charlie was there and walked me through it.  It didn’t take long at all.  I have even set up my Quicken accounts to reflect them.

Since dinner been watching TV, and did a little updating on the address book and laundry.  Right now while the clothes are in the dryer and before I poop out I am going to finish the cards if I can.

Tomorrow is the last day before recess so I am sure I will be busy...:)