Finally Got a hold of

I finally got a hold of both Telka and Roberta yesterday and gave them some news regarding one of our former member/friend.  I had called them both Thursday after the meeting but was not able to talk to them.  Saturday I called Roberta and she was up in New Hampshire with Family. She was shocked.  When Telka emailed me about the meeting I included the news and we emailed each back and forth until this morning.

This former friend who had been a charter member and a good friend until we had problems within the club apparently had her  long marriage annulled and the husband went and married someone else and she moved to FL (her dream).  Their marriage although not perfect always weathered whatever storm they had.

It is cloudy out right now and is doing nothing for my need to go Christmas Shopping.  I would rather come home after seeing LIz and Nelson to just do laundry and watch the NCIS marathon.  Maybe start on the Christmas Card list.

Right now though I need to get dressed for Bingo and Church.