First card of the CHristmas Season

When I got home from work today I found that I had received my first Christmas card of the season.  It was from TinaD in OK.  Her online name is Calico (at least that’s what I remember it being during the HTLJ/Andromeda Fandoms.  I think she may go by her full name now.  I first met Tina online in the various incarnations of the HTLJ Forums in the mid to late 1990’s  Then it moved to the ANdromeda Universe In the early to mid 2005.  We actually met in person at the Trek Expo of 2001.  We were attending the Andromeda fan fests while attend the trek Expo 2001.  It was the best time.  It was my first and only time going to any entertainment oriented Convention.  Ever since then we send holiday cards to each other and we have reconnected on Facebook.

When I got home Mom had been out shopping.  WHen she came home she a few things from Bed Bath and beyond.  She went back after church as well.  I spent the time watching TV and relaxing.

Mom and I did our own thing for dinner.  I also did some odds and ends (updating an eight page birthday list that needed tweaking).  It keeps growing and growing and i have had this list for years now.

I got a late start on my laundry.  I did maybe two loads for now and the rest will be done tomorrow when I get back from my morning activities.

I took my medicines (albeit late) and not sure the plaqenil kicked in yet but it seemed to have.  The lower extremities seem to be doing okay.

I have a lot more to tell you but right now I need to get to sleep


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