Glad to be home

I Have been home nearly an hour and half.  The drive wasn’t bad but I was afraid I would be running out of gas (there was a quarter of a tank left-I think).  I made it home with no problem but I definitely have to get it tomorrow.

The house was completely dark when I got home.  Mom was on her way home from Middletown from the afternoon meeting.  She got home by 7.    I had pork sandwich from our leftover dinner last night.  Mom had it too when she got in.  She is in her pajamas and relaxing.  

I have been watching TV (some holiday related movies and of course NCIS).  I have been reading over some emails as well.  I think tonight is updating lists, calendars, and anything else there is I can think of.

It looks like I got another holiday card.  It was addressed to Mom and me.  I got one yesterday from the Mayor and his family.  I am planning on sending one to them as well.  I won’t see the actual card until Mom opens it and sends them each a card.

It looks like the CRedit Union I belong to is entertaining a merger with General Electric Credit Union.  THere is a meeting next Tuesday at 5:30.  I have to look into the information provided to better understand it.  Geesh I really wanted to do OT that night.  Oh well that’s not going to work.

I think I will work on the Christmas card labels after I watch this episode of NCIS.  I don’t feel like watching anything at 10 (then again its a safe bet I won’t get far with this list).

I will see you tomorrow.