Good News

I am here doing Scanning OT and the three of us had an opportunity to speak to GayleC and she is home from being in the hospital/infirmary.  She sounded stronger and happier.  She hadn’t been home in over a month.  Gayle and I spoke late last week as well and went over the same stuff we talked about then too.  There is a strong possibility that she will be attending our team party next week. (:0)

Happily I got the daily stuff done.  I just started on the postage tallies for today but need to finish it tomorrow.  Then I can work on the readdress mail until lockbox comes.  I am thinking it will be heavy.  

Jim emailed me this afternoon his wish list.  Gift Cards to Amazon, LL Bean, and of course Wegman’s.  He is coming here for Christmas so I can keep his here until then but I have got to get the kids theirs before they go to Colorado.

The more I hear about Geoff Fox’s behavior the more I wonder (along with many other I have spoken to) if this was the real reason he was fired from WTNH all those months ago.  Whatever the reasons for it.  He is going to have to make some serious changes in his life

There is one batch I am working on that is taking an awful long time.  I won’t be getting many batches done tonight because it is already 5:30.   The batch has 130 pages to it.    I was able to do 9 batches and a total of 400 pages altogether.

Its time for me to go now. 


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