I cut my shopping short

I started getting a headache this morning and it got worse as the day progressed.  I had fun at the nursing home and chatted with the workers outside.  I called Liz to see if she wanted to go shopping totally forgetting she was going to the theater this afternoon.    So I headed to the mall.

My first stop was Macy’s.  Its also where I left my keys for an hour and half. I noticed there was a blouse with a hole in it and the woman was totally clueless.  Moving on.  After that I stopped at American Eagle and the line was long but moving quickly.  That’s where I got Emily’s card and I got Kristina’s gift card.  I got them both $20.  I needed to get something to eat before I got sick.  

For Lunch i went to Red Robin and got -a Double cheeseburger with spicy stuff on it. I didn’t get any of heavy sweet shakes but I got ice tea and water.  I headed to LL Bean’s not realizing I would be passing Whole Foods.  I just couldn’t be bothered to go there.  Once I got to LL Bean’s I got Jim’s gift.  I could have gotten Mom’s gift but I decided to come home and rest.

As usual the next few hours seemed to pass quickly.  I had taken Costco’s version of Tylenol.  I fell asleep in front of the TV in the guest room watching NCIS.   I heard Mom come in and it was probably after 4.   I explained to her I wasn’t feeling well and I was opting out of the candlelight vigil.

While Mom was at the candlelight vigil I ate cereal and watched TV and then back upstairs to lie down again.  When she came home she was cold and a little wet as it has been raining all afternoon.  

We got settled in for the night into our pajamas and have been low-keying it.  Now I am heading into bed.