I embarrassed myself today

I was at the nursing home around 9:30.  I had seen my picket line gang and went in.  I ran into Natalie and a few others and headed into the room.  We were setting up and all this.  THe moment that was really embarrassing was when I couldn’t find “Fred”.  I had put him in the elevator and I turned around to get something and for twenty minutes I went on search for him and the elevators were taking too long.  A nurse told me to calm down.   We resolved it after I cried and we found him back in his room.  I told Natalie about it and at first she was a little concerned for me and then reminded me that as long as he was in his room it was fine.  I hope I haven’t dug myself into a hole or risked being told I can’t volunteer there.  When I left she seemed okay with everything.

I went to the 11:30 mass at St Mary’s church.  I was late as usual.  The parking lot was full and it would seem there were many people for a little girl who was killed recently.  The neighbors and friends of this little girl had requested a mass in her memory.  There were a couple of stories going around.  Either she was killed in Bridgeport or kidnapped.  I am afraid I didn’t hear of the original reports and I can’t find anything about it.

After church I went over to Liz and Nel’s house.  Liz was at the Stratford Historical Museum with Audrey they had been there since 10:30.  Chris and Jason were home with Nel.  Jason was playing with the neighboring kids.  Nel got a call from Liz to come pick up Audrey she was done being there.  While Nel did that I spent time talking with Chris.

We talked about Family both close and extended, holidays, and sports.  I even spent some time watching the Cincinnati Bengal vs Dallas Cowboys game.  It was about that time I decided to come back home.  I managed to get some ideas from Chris on what he wanted.  

On the way home I stopped at the bookstore for Rich’s gift and I was going to stop at Lowe’s but I was getting hungry and wanted to go home.  I talked with Mom and then had lunch.  Shortly after that we both started working on our Christmas card writing.  Actually I am still working on the list and the labels.  So far its three pages long.  I have to revise it for next year but it seemed like the thing to do.

We had a late dinner of Baked Chicken and vegetables.  It was delicious and it will be my dinner tomorrow as well because MOm is having dinner with the Knitwits or Literary club.  I can’t remember who now.

Ethel came over tonight.  She had attended a memorial service for those who have passed over the years that Cody White had serviced.  There was music, and prayers and each person was given an ornament.  WE also talked about CHristmas Eve.  Rogier will be home for it but lady Di will be in Nebraska working.  We did get some good news Doc John will be home for the holiday.  WE don’t know about MedicRob.  We are hoping his brother will encourage him to show up.

I had an opportunity to talk with some old friends online.  One of them was Ryan who was the young man who helped me with Bingo in the last few years of his HS Career.  The other was an old neighbor I grew up with.  She is currently living in OH near her family.   They all moved out there many years ago.  I managed to get their addresses and will be sending them notes etc.

Well it is late and I need to get to bed.  Have a great night.


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