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Ignorant comments

I am so annoyed with this statement from all places my Lupus list regarding the massacure in Newtown.

According to this moron:  

I believe it is pure evil. Not mental illness.

my response was blunt I realize and I don’t care but every day I read where people are outraged when their Lupus condition is dismissed or disrespected by everyone as “not important”.  Every day new information is coming out about Mental health what is and what is not.    

Then that is very ignorant and you need to be educated in what Mental illness is and isn’t.  Please don’t insist it is YOUR opinion I wouldn’t go spouting that out too much either.

Of course mine was not approved and if it isn’t then I am going to blast them to the universe.  Then leave the list.  Well my comment didn’t appear but I get the impression it doesn’t usually unless I BCC myself.  I am still on the list.

Liz and I went out to the bookstore late this afternoon and we found some really good stuff for the Morgan children.  Liz reiterated that I really don’t have to get the older kids (over the ages of 10) in the family anything.

I am looking for some emails with the kids desires for Christmas that Jim sent me and so I did a search and found the email that Jim was actually referring to last month.  He was concerned that I invited lots of people to the house for dinner.  He thought or at least I thought he said I put it on Facebook when I actually sent it to the family.  I called him and told him I am currently eating crow.  He emailed sent a text message back telling me not to that he just wanted to make sure I was careful etc...

Mom came home while I was out shopping and went to St Agnes for tonights mass.  SHe was feeling much better than she was when she left for the opera.  She was able to enjoy the opera completely.

I was working on the cards when she got home.  I used up the ones I got from Christmas Tree Shop last week.  I still need about three or 4 more boxes for this year.  I have also updated my list and my address books as well.  I didn’t include a lot of the addresses that I have as a matter of fact this address book needs some really weeding out.  ANyway I will be updating that and my contact forms on my outlook.

I talked with Roberta this evening we talked about the massacre and the issues of mental health and legal issues and etc.  I got a little feisty with her..about trying to tell her a story and she told me the Governor had said it (I told her that he needs to educate himself about Mental Health as well).

I am starting to get tired and I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow.  I will see you all in the morning.


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