It worked out

I was a little late getting to the rehearsal for the sing-a-long.  I had to stop at the post office to drop something off and the line for it was way too long.  So I just dropped it of in the mail slots.  Mom wanted me to ask window server to an envelope for the lawn guy into his mailbox.  

Several of the girls and Telka and Janet were in the dining room beginning to set up and then we were going to practice.  At one point I went to do something and say hello to PJ and she was flustered that we hadn’t started that we were supposed to start at Noon.  My first reaction was confusion and as her tone and attitude rose I got annoyed.  When I told Telka about it she said not to worry about it.  As the time went on we rehearsed with some of the residents there and a few more of the girls arrived.  In the end it worked out.  WE had many residents despite a lot of them saying no (I certainly wasn’t going to push them to come).    

When PJ noticed Karen I’s son taking pictures PJ got nervous and asked them to either delete the pictures or stop and there was a slight attitude with KI.  I explained to her it was HIPAA privacy issues.  PJ felt terrible and we told her not to.  THese are the rules and we need to adhere to them.

The girls did a good job at getting the residents and returning them (sometimes they stood outside of the rooms).  It was great seeing them.  At the end we returned many of the residents and helped Telka put the stuff we used in her car.  As we finished Jacqueline's Mom came and picked her up with Amber.  Telka bought some raffle tickets for the Wreaths and we looked around and we talked.  When she was finished it was nearly 3.  

We said goodbyes and I headed home.  Mom was doing paperwork upstairs and we chatted.  She got ready for church and I watched TV.  When she left I had some food and continued to watch TV.  I also did some odds and ends.  

The cable boxes seemed to go wonky on me this evening.  The remotes wouldn’t change the channels and the boxes seemed to freeze at some point they all rebooted and seem to be working now.  It was frustrating.  We pay a good amount of money and this shouldn’t be happening.  NO at no time did I think it was the batteries.

Mom and I decided to have hamburgers for dinner but there was only one patty left.  We decided that we would also make grilled cheese for dinner.  So I got a Grilled cheese and cheeseburger for dinner.  Yes I am paying for it.  MY left hand has been stiff and achy.  I took the meds tonight (rather late) and it seems to be better.  I do need to take some pain med (aspirin or something).  

Well I am going to bed see you in the morning.


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