It's Surreal

The events that happened today at the elementary school in Newtown has gone international.  It is currently on every channel in CT and probably across the country.  It is on almost every site I frequent and there is anger, confusion, calls for and against gun control.  There are memorials on twitter, facebook and probably every other social network.  All trying to make sense.  I just couldn’t watch it anymore.  I would imagine any NY station close to the area has it and probably most of the other new england and cable stations.  I just couldn’t watch it anymore.

I have been channel surfing for part of the night.  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is now on.  Part one.  I suspect the rest will be during the weekend.  There are a few other things on this weekend but I am hoping to catch them now and then.

I was unable to finish the mail today.  I have no clue as to why well probably I do the festive mood the amount of time I was on the net (this was before I found out).  I also went to see Debra and we talked about the week’s events.  I don’t think either of us knew what happened.    I am hoping to go to work extremely early on Monday and get the work done.  

I had my INR done and it was low.  Dr. S has stopped coumadin and start xarelto aka Rivaroxaban.  It is going to be expensive.  I have already gotten a message saying its going to delayed because of the insurance company.  There are precautions with it but the up side?  Do not have to keep getting monitored.  

When I left there I headed back to the house and made a side stop to the post office.  I mailed the 26 cards and bought two rolls of stamps (100) wasn’t expecting them to be that freaking expensive  but oh well.  I was also going to mail Jo-Ann all these friendship books but it was getting.

It was after five and Mom was upstairs.  SHe had herself a busy day as well.  The early morning meeting at the Graduate club in New Haven.  A bunch of things in the afternoon.  We had stew for dinner.  BEfore dinner I showered and got into my pajamas.  

Now Mom is in bed.  I had a “near midnight snack” and watched TV.  Now I am turning on the radio program “Profiles in Folk” and go to bed.


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