Just Waiting

OkI am just waiting for the dryer to finish then start another.  I want it all done before I leave so that Mom can use it when she wants.   i have been doing other things as well.

I have written my third thank you note already.  It was to our friend from the DTC Mimi who sent Mom home the other day with a Christmas Cactus for me.    I am not usually this good with the thank you notes.  If you have been following me regularly you know that I didn’t even finish the thank you notes from either my birthday or Bob’s funeral.

Mom left for church a little while ago.  She said that traffic on her second Jaunt out that the traffic around the mail has gotten worse and crazier than earlier today.  I already knew it was crazier when I was getting my hair done.  I really hate what is known as Route one that comes through our town.

I am also still waiting on Jim’s reply to my earlier email  suggesting he bring his 1-year old house broken cat with him for the holidays.  This was the cat Jim had talked about getting earlier this fall.  The cat yet to be named properly is exhibiting separation anxiety every time he leaves the house.  Mom suggested that I ask him and tell him he could bring it here.,   ETA just called him  and he is not going to transport the cat.  He feels the cat will be fine by itself  for two days.

Okay the  final batch of clothes are heading into the dryer.  I will go back to the house check on the pups and get the cards Mom needs.  Then those clothes will be ready to come out of the dryer.