LOng Day

I woke up a short time and went back to sleep until 6:30.  I had forgotten that NCIS was on all day today so I managed to catch a little bit of it.  I got ready for work and was all set to leave until MOm noticed I didn’t iron the pants.  So we discussed that at great lengths.  It would explain the headache I am getting now.

The commute was okay.  It was slightly heavy but probably normal for after 7:30.  I heard various reports of traffic delays and accidents  throughout the highway.  I got to the parking garage with little or no problems.  I was at the office  a few minutes later.  

When I got here the mail was waiting for me and it wasn’t a lot.   It was done in a matter of 20 minutes.  Now I am working  on re-address mail.  I am not sure how much I will get done since there is limited campus mail envelopes.

I can’t believe this (actually I can)  but apparently there are a number of people who do not want to attend the team party at Biagetti’s next week.  IF anyone had a problem with any of the arrangements they should have spoken up at the last meeting or speaking with T prior to this.  

The post office mail didn’t come  until close to 11 which allowed  me to work on more of the readdress mail.  But it also caused me to not finish the mail  either.  I may have to get finish it tomorrow.

We had our staff meeting this afternoon as well that cut into my mail opening time as well.

I have to get my B-12 shot and then shopping.


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