Looking Good

Well I am happy to report the desk is looking Good.  I have a long way to go and still some stuff around the desk to pick up and then I am working on the dresser.  Its time I put away the sympathy cards and birthday cards from Bob’s funeral and my birthday.  For now they are going to be in the closet but that’s for another day.
I made a promise to Myself and to Mom that from now on I would be making this room in adult (NO Not that way -get your minds out of that gutter...yeah you!) .  It will be more organized and age appropriate (not looking like a bomb hit it).

I was going to work on the cards tonight but I think I can wait until tomorrow.  I need to get to bed.  I am getting up early for NCIS.  Whoa better check to make sure its on at its normal 6 am.  I understand there was some change in the Wednesday line up.

Jim called tonight he and Mom talked for a good hour or so.  They talked about a lot of things, politics, human beings, the kids.  All their favorite subjects.  He is tentatively coming for Christmas Eve.  He wasn’t sure (and neither was Mom).  In time for Ethel’s Party.

Okay I need to go to sleep.  I am starting to get a little headache.


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