Messy Monday

It was rainy and foggy out this morning.  It caused many traffic delays with accidents and slow drivers.  I left the house shortly after 7:30 and got here exactly at 8.  I chatted with JanetN.  Then I started working on “stuff”.  I am waiting on the Lockbox that usually comes around 9.

Mom was just getting up when I left.  Of course she noticed the door was closed.  I told there is a huge pile of clothes ready to be washed and it won’t be there when she gets home.  She has a dentist appointment and the evening out with the literary or knitwits.  I still can’t remember which one.  

The lockbox was okay, the POst office mail was heavy and I had a total of 800 plus pieces of mail.  I had the daily stuff done (sans the postage tallies) by three.  I worked on the postage tally until it was time to leave.

I was planning on going to Costco after I get my INR checked this afternoon.  But I was so tired and aggravated (the coumadin level was high again) that I just relaxed until I was ready to work on some cards.

I received some from my friends Dave, and Rhonda.  I have of course added their names to the ongoing list.  I am hoping I will be able to mail these things out soon and finish my holiday shopping by the end of the week.


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