Mid Week Reflection for Thursday

I have been trying to do one of these mid-week reflection posts at least weekly but sometimes I forget.    Sometimes I just write normally.

I finally started some assemblance of Christmas shopping.  I got my office Secret Santa and I also got some extra stuff (labels and Greeting Cards).    Some ideas for others have crept into my brain but I have to wait on certain people to let me know what if anything I can get.  I still have the club secret santa to get I am still thinking of ideas.  

The one thing is I will be all set for next year as far as organizing for labels and cards.   I can always update the list come August (it would be nice if I actually followed through).

Work is going okay.  The daily stuff is coming along and I continue to work on the re-address mail that management continues to ask about at least once a week.  Our team party is next week.  I have been invited to a girls day out during the recess.  A few of us will be going to the Casino during the week.

I am a little concerned as it seems all  bills are coming out now and finances are a little “short”.  My Oral Surgeon Bill flew up to $800 plus this week (because I hadn’t paid the extra stuff).  I paid the $3400 plus earlier.    My Car insurance bill came for the end of month as well.  

Mom has been keeping busy the awards banquet she attend earlier was a huge success in all ways.  She has been doing Christmas shopping and she is attending legislative meeting this afternoon in Meriden and won’t be home until around 6.  Happily she is being driven (driving at night is no longer fun for her).

I am working late tonight so i will be home by 6:30.  I don’t think I have anything else to do after work.  I can write out cards while watching NCIS.


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