More shopping

It is a gray morning and it has been raining.  I have been up nearly an hour and half doing odds and ends.  I gave myself a nosebleed and it kinda scared me but it stopped and so I continued with stuff.  

I am leaving shortly for the nursing home for the gift delivery.  It will take about two hours and then I am going to go shopping with Liz (at least I think I am).  I have a better list now.  I should have it all done today if anything.  Later on I need to get more Christmas Cards to send and give out to my co-workers.

There is a candlelight vigil tonight on the City Hall steps for the “massacre” at Stony Brook School.  This is one of many throughout the state.  MOst of them were held the night of the event and some I guess was yesterday.  According to the news President Obama is coming in.  THere are funerals for one or two.

I better get going