Need to take warm milk

I think its time for me to get some warm milk because my attempt to sleep is not going well.  I was reading some older posts like this one from 2005 and it was rather sad.  So much was going on that day.  We had gotten news about two of my nephews and it was also a day that I think I surprised Bob with “I love you”.  

As I had predicted I didn’t do much with the Christmas card project.  I watched TV (actually the TV watched me) until 11:30 when Mom and I turned in.  That was nearly two hours ago.  I have been reading emails and surfing the web.  

I do need to get back to bed.  I have work and I see Debra at lunch time today.  As I mentioned I probably will be doing OT tonight.

Well IHave had the milk going to try and sleep g’night.