I should have taken the dogs out when I got back here at 2.  They left me a couple of packages in a couple of different places and I caught one in the middle.                             I took them out after they ate a while too and they didn’t want to go out.  I am sure they will leave things for me a few more times during the night.

I was supposed to get Swiss shredded cheese and instead I got cheddar.  Mom was not happy.  I told her I would get it tomorrow.  Now she is on her way to the wake.

Pack Suitcases
Walk Dogs
Go to the Store need to get Swiss shredded cheese.
Pack car
Feed dogs
Finish thank you notes

I have already emptied the dishwasher and will have the dryer emptied soon.  I am also watching the Star Wars Trilogy.  They have the one where Anakin becomes the Darth Vader we first met.  As soon as this is over it will be the original trilogy


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