Not AGain

My throat has been bothering me since last night.  I think it has to do with the nosebleeds and the weather change.  I will be getting the Alka-seltzer cold med later on.    I don’t want to be sick for the Christmas Holidays.  There have been a number of them that I was sick.  I bought the Alka-selzer plus and tried tonight and it seems to be doing okay.

Work has been okay.  Lock box has been late to me all week (and it will be until Christmas)  We have FEDEX deliver it to us and right now they are delivering packages to various places for Christmas.   I was busted by anyone who walked in on me doing Christmas cards.  I received an email from Judy asking how the mail is going.  I explained what was going on and what I was doing.  I have a pretty good idea who was saying something.  

We also got emails about recess.    Our week will be cut short one day.  We are closed on December 24.  In the past we have worked part of the day.  There was some discussion that someday we will lose the recess week altogether.  Others have argued that this proposition has been said before and never came to fruition.  Newer employees that are just coming in (and those who are casuals) do not get the recess.  Everyone is telling me not to worry so I am not going to until it happens.

I am going to say good night The alka-selzer kicked in.


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