Pajama Day

The morning has been good.   I had some chicken pieces early in the morning and Preston had gotten to it.  I don’t know how much of it he ate but I was more afraid of the chicken bones more than anything else.  I did take it away from him and he did nip at me but I took him on my lap and “talked” with him.    It wasn’t his fault anyway-it was mine.  I should not have walked away from it or left it there.  He seems fine. 

For most of the day the dogs and I either slept or watched the NCIS marathon (and it strayed over to the Star Wars Prequels.  I took them out at 4 and then fed them around 5.  I made some calls and the last one was a little discouraging.

Mom was the last one for the night.  She thought I was coming home tonight.  I have told her a couple of times that it would not be until New Years Eve Day.  I was really shocked.  I wanted to make sure she understood I didn’t need the dip she is making until Tuesday.  That I was going out New Years Eve.  She was glad that I was not going anywhere tonight.  She said the roads were slick and awful out.

I have heard from Jim today.  It was about the I-Phone adaptor.  I told him I would mail it to him if he wanted it.  He does.  I told him I would have it out Monday or so.  I asked him about the snow.  I am just waiting on a response.

I think I am going to take the boys out one last time and then get out of the clothes and back into the pajamas.  Actually they are on under the clothes I am wearing.