The Aftermath

It is after 8.  ABC’s Good Morning America Saturday edition is in Newtown and continuing coverage of the devastation yesterday. As are most of the news programs both on regular and cable.   I have been surfing the net and Diane posted an article from the Newtown Patch announcing there is a fundraising from the local United Ways organization.  Anyone one wanting to contribute can at https://newtown.uw western

The names of the victims are being released to the media/public.  Families of the victims are being asked about their memories and the information being released to them from police.  

Mom is still in bed.  She got sick last night and bright and early this morning so I am going to let her sleep until she is ready to get up herself.  I have some things I can do until I go shopping.  Liz is supposed to call later so we can meet up and get ideas.