What have I been up too?

I decided to stop filling out the cards for now.  I want to make sure I don’t have any more before opening the the boxes I got last week.  I have also been going through some old papers from different things I have been involved with and getting rid of them.  I also make update files with this information.  In case I ever need to look through stuff.  I just came across my blog entries from 2008

Throwing out pen pal letters from 2008, 2007.  I have many FB’s that needed to be passed on a long time ago but I had forgotten them.  I have a friend I am passing them on too if she is interested.  I just hope she doesn’t get hyper.  People in the pne pal world tend to be quick to threaten those who don’t follow certain guidelines with all kinds of punitive measures.  

My hope is to one day return to the penpal world and be better organized.  I have a blog in the wings waiting to be started.  Why not start now?  Two words Mom: Safety.  Through these letters there are dreams and hopes and lifestyles being shared with many across the country.

I just wish that I had a shredder because some of  this is truly personal.  I don’t feel that comfortable throwing them out.  

Mom went to be around 10:30.  She has an early morning meeting and has a ride to the meeting.  I need to be up and out of the shower before 6.  At least that’s what I am giving myself so that Mom has enough time to do what is needed.