Whoa Breakfast and Lunch!

I didn’t get to work until after 8:30.  Joanie was here and told me there were muffins and bagels in the boardroom and we were to help ourselves.  At lunch we will be having pizza and of course Joanie told KBunko I would be here.  I chatted with Joanie once I got here and then checked in with KBunko.  

Now I am just working on a batch (for the past freaking hour) of Tricare.  I also set up my scanning spreadsheet and I was informing Joanie about Larry Hagman’s death.  She didn’t hear about it until today.

Hey it is now quarter of 12.  I have managed to scan about seven batches.  Joanie reminded me its okay it depends on lots of factors (size, preparation, problems etc).  I think we all know what else has been going on.

Weather report?  Well it was very cold and windy out this morning.  I nearly lost my hat in the middle of the street this morning.   There is no snow on the ground nor is it raining either.  There are some chances during the weekend but for now its just clouds.

I talked with Mom she was successful at getting the christmas cards she wanted sort of.  She got them at the Notre Dame HS Holiday fair.  She says she will go shopping for part of the afternoon.

I really have to do laundry when I get home.  I think there may be an NCIS marathon tonight but it could be tomorrow night’s.  

Well I have just over an hour and a half to go before I leave here so I will say see you all later.