Yesterday was a long day

I knew yesterday  would be a long day.  Between work and shopping, I had  the DTC party  and I had  to make sure things are in order before I leave friday for the Deckers.

I finished Friday’s mail and then started on today’s. I also worked on the tallies too then  I started with the US mail as it came to me just as I was finishing Fridays and so did the lockbox.  At lunchtime I went to the bank to get money to pay for a birthday lunch Wednesday and to pay for the lotto pool.  That was a debacle if I ever saw once.

I walked in the cold and rain to the bank.  I discovered that I had left everything back at the office.  I had to go back and get it and then go back to the bank.  This time I took the car.  I didn’t get back until 1.  It sort of threw off my timing.  I finished the mail part but didn’t get to the lobby. I will do that first thing when I get there tomorrow.

I left by 4 and headed home.  Mom was making lamb chops for dinner.  We talked about what time the DTC event was and it turns out it was 7:30.  Mom went to her BRidges board meeting and a short time later I went to the party.

I stayed until 8:30 and then took off for the stores before they closed.  I was only able to get to Whole Foods for DIane and Rogiers gift and to Home Depot for Chris’s.  I have to get Jamies now and Mom’s.  I am actually annoyed with that  Mom took the one she was going to let me give to Jamie and used as a equalizer for the girls.  

It was after 9 when I got home and Mom was getting into her Pajamas.  We talked about the party and the fact there is a picture of her in yesterday's paper.  It isn’t a very complementary one and that really is annoying.  What was even more annoying was when I told her about the picture she kept saying “Oh I didn’t see it”.  The first contradiction.  

Mom had forgotten she had Uncle Ron’s new Address (I knew I had gotten from her).  So I sent it to her and to Liz.  I had gotten a message from Cousin Judy and she gave me her new address.  Mom questioned it.  I explained I just got the information from Judy on Facebook.  Second Contradiction.

The rest of the night I watched TV and then went to bed.


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