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Crazy Busy

It has been crazy busy today.  I got to work just at 8 and started immediately on the work on my desk.  At first I thought there was a lot of mail but I managed to finish the lockbox by the time US mail came.  I had just started it when it was time for our staff meeting.

The staff meeting was talking about priorities, OT, the Epic Live Date approaching, and things like that.  The meeting lasted an hour.   I went and got lunch before diving into the rest of the mail and when I got back to it I think it took me nearly an hour to do it.  I managed to get to the mail and work on most of the readdress mail before starting OT this afternoon.   The total count was over 500 pieces of mail.  The one thing that is reassuring is that when I send a copy to Susan she always manages to say thank you in the email.

The meeting with Susan and Judy has now been rescheduled for 1:30 on Thursday.  I spoke to Lee Ann this morning and we discussed it.  I had offered to get Stephanie G to be there but Lee Ann…

Not a bad day after all

Well despite my anxiety and nervousness I had a good day.  Susan was nice enough to say hello when we passed each other.     I got to the office fairly early and started working on Friday’s postage/return mail.   I thought was pretty well done with the tallying but had to recheck my numbers.   I  worked on lockbox by 20 of 9 and was finished nearly an hour later.  I spent an hour doing the re-address mail and then post office mail came.  The mail was done in a timely manner.It allowed me to work on today’s postage stuff and worked some more on the readdress stuff.  

The meeting with Susan and Judy was rescheduled for Thursday in the afternoon 1 pm.   I spoke to several people including Judy verbalizing my concerns and anxiety.  Most if not all said not to worry that I have been here too long.  Some feel it might in all likelihood  job changes (from Mail to Scanning period).    Its funny at one point my mind did go there.  I wouldn’t mind joining the scanning team.  I like doing it.  T…

Had a lot of fun

Hey everyone I hope your Sunday was pleasant.  Mine was good.  I managed to get about 5 or six hours of sleep.  I got up at one point got the clothes out of the dryer and turned the heat up and went back to bed for another 45 minutes.

Mom was already reading her paper when I got up.  I was still very tired and we talked a little bit about the game plan for this afternoon. After that discussion I came upstairs and did some web browsing.    Then I got ready for bingo.

I noticed I couldn’t find a set of keys I usually use.  I have looked all over the place and still haven’t found it.  Kept looking after the game and can’t find it.

I got to the nursing home after 9:30.  They knew I was going to be late but I also stopped at the picket line.  When I got in Matt B was waiting and so was Angela.  We chatted and she gave me an orange and then as the time got closer I chatted with the others.  Helen from Christ the Redeemer came to distribute the communion.   We had about 10 or 12 people playing …

Still awake.

Obviously I had too much caffeine yesterday because I am still awake.  Mom went to bed shortly before midnight.  I think she is bed reading and I have been replying to an email on the Living2well list.  It was in response to my Frustrations entry on Wednesday.  I have also been dealing with a nose bleed.  Thankfully it has stopped.  I think I am going to take a shower and see if that will help induce sleep.

I am also feeling a little guilty.  Both  Cousin Carol and Ryan posted to their Facebook pages  their disappointment in family members not supporting them in the recent drama.  The message is hitting home because I have neither called them or written them given them support.  I am hoping her number is in my pocketbook and I will definitely call.  That’s if she even answers. 

I am trying everything  to get to sleep.  I have been reading blogs from Los Anageles California .  Each one unique and some not so much.  I don’t particularly want to see the ones that are selling stuff.  Some …

A Lovely Time

Good evening to y‘all.  Despite the cold temperatures outside it is a beautiful moonlit night.  If you look over the sound in the east you can see the moon  hanging low.  It is definitely a beautiful sight.

My afternoon with Ethel was very nice.  I left here just about  1 and made a stop to the post office for Mom and then to the bank and then was back in to West Haven by 1:30.  I was going to head over to Ethel’s but decided to head home first.    I felt I was too early and I needed to pick up a few things anyway.

While here put the laundry in to the various machines and then took off again.  It was nearly 2.  Ethel was waiting in her office when I arrived.  She was checking to see if the cat got loose and then we took off.  We had intended to go to Biagetti’s but they didn’t open until 5 (so tell me why there were people in the bar?).  We decided to go to Duffy’s Tavern on  Campbell avenue.  This was my first time but not Ethel’s.  She and Bob apparently frequented this place. I can…

Blogging and Travel

I have been just reading some of my F-list (Friend list gang) and I read this (hopefully it worked) and I really enjoyed his views and I thank Optimistic Existentialist  for this and his other one regarding the ten places to visit..    I enjoy Blogging because it allows me to share my world and views with others  from around the country and around the world.   I write also for historical purposes.  So people can see what life was like for my family and friends.  ( Edited to Add:  I sometimes repeat my thoughts within the same breath).

Now for the ten places I would like to see.  I won’t be able to list just ten (well maybe I can) but here it is:

Europe (all):  I would like to see places I haven’t been.  I have been to England and parts of France but that was in my twenties and that was an exciting time for me.  I would like to see more.

Ireland:  It is where my ancestors are from.  Several of my family members have been there and I just want to go. 

Canada:  I have been to several region…

We have snow

It is snowing and has been for the last few hours.  We are not supposed to be getting that much around here.  It is a real disappointment because I was really looking forward to a big storm.   On  the other hand I am glad it won’t be a big one as we are having the Mexican train game day here on Sunday.  The National weather people have named this storm Kahn.  I am not sure why but it is apparently making things rather messy.  It looks like the storm is passing us very soon .  According to this map it is already moving  aways towards the northeast.

Today was a very stressful day.  I got to the office and there was a note waiting for me from Judy regarding the mail on the floor. It was the junk mail and so mid morning after a few emails about a few of the processes we got it cleared out .  All there is is the medical Society magazines.  Judy wants me to spend at least a half hour every day work ing on it.  Lindsa who was asked to help out offered to help again the next time it gets to be…

Cold Showers

That’s what I had to do deal with bright and early this morning.There was no hot water.After taking the world’s record for speed showers I got ready for work.Mom got up and I told her we have serious issues with the water.I finished getting ready and she went downstairs and found out that our Hot water tank-Tanked.There was water every where.It wasn’t very deep (I was expecting to find water up to mid calf).I left the house by 7:20.
By the time I got home later on in the day Mom had made calls to the Colandrea’s and went to the bank and the new water heater was in place.Colandrea cleaned up as much as possible and is supposed to come back some time next week.So is the plumber who repaired the upstairs toilet and sink downstairs.
After they all left Mom and I were talking about something and she couldn’t hear me very well and didn’t like it that I was moving my arms around.We ended up in an argument after I told her I didn’t like her telling me how to tell stories.We were angry with e…


I try very hard to do my job.  That does include getting the ever-loving and ever constant junk mail delivered.  Unfortunately when I have limited number of inter-office envelopes it makes it hard.  I have gone to the TRS site to order them but I have to fill out this stupid requisition list and when I ask ML to help she doesn’t know how.  Mind you she is the top administrative Assistant to the EX-Director of YMG.  She has also told me its not my job to order them.  Then whose job is it?  She keeps telling me that there are plenty all over the floor go check with them.  I have and there are very little to none.

Later on in the day a co-worker came to me and said I had taken the last of her interoffice envelopes and I let her know I didn’t.  She then asked if she could take some more.  I think I had just freaking told her “I am running low” or I don’t have any.  By the second time I said it my voice was raised and she looked at me and said don’t yell at me and told me I was unprofession…

Not a bad Day after all

The day has now ended.  Our dinner guests left just about half hour ago and Mom is cleaning up the kitchen.  I offered to help but she said no that I have to get up early tomorrow for work.  She is right though.

The dinner was great even though it disappointed Mom.  She felt the meat was too dry.  The rest of us ate it.  We had corned beef, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage.  We had lemon meringue pie for dessert.

I left her this morning shortly after 7.  I made it to the gas station and filled the tank up and headed to New Haven.  I got to the office in good time despite the cold. 

When I arrived I had some time I brought up the concerns I had with Judy and she said it isn’t just me that has to submit a productivity but everyone is.  Okay that works for me.   I offered to make another sheet separate from the tallies because it wouldn’t work together..  I also confided and admitted to her that while I do get online I make sure I limit my time.  I am not sure if that will help or sink m…

Most Auspicious and Historical

Good Evening my friends!I hope you enjoyed this most Auspicious and historical day.I got up at a decent hour and helped around here for a bit.Mom realized yesterday she put a lot of pressure on herself by having dinner guests two days out.So this morning after her Eye doctor’s appointment she went shopping for the menu.I offered to vacuum and dust.
As I was in the middle of it Mom got an email from Olivia our cleaning lady and she wants to come tomorrow and clean.I immediately stopped cleaning.I have been watching parts of the inauguration and NCIS, browsing the web.I even made some calls.
Mom went to her doctor’s appointment and then shopping.She seemed to be gone a long time and after last night’s trip home my imagination was running a little crazy.Happily she came home around 2 and was fine.
It was just about then I decided I would go see Liz.Mom had stopped there but didn’t stay long as Liz had an old friend visiting.I called her and asked if she was up for another visitor and she sa…


I got to ask.  Is it too much to ask for some consideration?  There were a couple of cases of this God Forsaken flu at the nursing home this week.  So far two have it.  Both are on the first floor.  One came in with it from the hospital and the other resident caught it or something..  Would it have been that hard to call during the week and say Hey Kate we have a couple of cases of the Flu.  No I get the sign at the front door saying if you are sick or have the flu don’t visit. 

Due to having Lupus my immune system is bad and has been for a while.  Case in point last year when the GI-bug was hot and heavy in the nursing home.  Who got it?  Me Who passed it on two a couple of my co-workers?  Me.   Do I want to pass anything on to Mom?  Not really.  I wanted to go see Liz today and thought better of it.  I have since found out she is making her first trip out of the house since she has been home.

Since there was a Flu watch going on the number of residents allowed to congregate were supp…

Laid back Saturday

Last night I decided that I would attempt to clean out my inbox.They were from the various lists I belong to.As well as the community service groups I am a part of and of course the entertainment world, and the family news. I try to save them if they have anything I need to know.Unfortunately I let them accumulate that it has become overwhelming.
Every so often I also update the different files with notes that indicate where the emails go or things to know.It’s either that I would have no memory left on this computer.
The rest of the day was spent the way I wanted.I did laundry and watched TV and had Chinese for dinner.Mom left around 12:30 for the Opera and came back around after 4.She went to church afterwards.
She wasn’t thrilled with my dining choice.For those of you who are wondering it was Lucky Dragon.She argued that everyone she knows doesn’t like that place.My only response was well the group did.I didn’t want to go out to Orange and I wasn’t up to going down to the Baybrook one…

Freezing Friday

I woke up very early this morning at Mom’s suggestion and got to the clothes in the washer.  I sent them through and within the hour they were washed.   i put them in the dryer and spent time watching tV, getting online, and basically waking up.

I was all set to leave on time until I had to go searching for my keys and the ID badges.  I wasn’t able to find the ID Badges until I got to work and of course I found the keys.  I didn’t get to the office until after 8.

It was so cold this morning.  I was uncomfortable.   It was a little windy too but then there is a huge wind tunnel down George Street anyway.  As I mentioned it was after 8 when I arrived and ran smack dab into the EX Dir Dess-Santoro.  All sorts of things were going through my head.  I was half expecting Susan, Judy, or someone to come running down and saying “you're late”.  

When I got to the office greeted people and then got to work.  Aside from an occasional conversation its pretty quiet here..  The mai…

Had some crazy dreams again

I was at a party and I was supposed to be keeping an eye on a baby (I am thinking it was Grandma Cheryl’s baby boy) and kept misplacing him.  I didn’t recognize the house but i could hear people's voices that I recognized.  I woke up around 3.  It took some time for me to fall back to sleep until I heard the alarm.  I ended up staying in bed until quarter of 7.  

Since I stayed in bed that long I was sort of running around getting ready.  I sent out some emails while getting ready to leave.  

I ended up leaving after 7:30 and getting to the office by 8:10.  I quickly said hi to Mama Joanie and then started on the mail.  The mail was fairly light and I was finished with all of it by 2:30.  This allowed me to spend a lot of time on the re-address mail and online. (shhh))))))

Lots of things happening at work.  University wide we are preparing for the departure of President Richard Levin.  His replacement President Elect Peter Salvoy is having a town hall meeting sometime…

Snow Day

I was up my normal time.  Well at least by 6:15.  I set up the ironing board to iron and then went and cleaned off the stairs in teh back and front of the house.  I cleared of my car and when that was all done I set up coffee and then ironed and showered..  

As I  was getting dressed I had gotten a few text messages from Cami.  She wanted to know if we could wear jeans on snow days.  I hadn’t heard if New Haven was closed or not but I told her to go for it.  I left the house by 7:30 after gulping the coffee down.  
Since I had heard the traffic reports I decided to go along the shoreline into New Haven and got on at Kimberly AVenue exit.  It wasn’t bad that way.  I avoided the delays.  I still managed to get to the office after 8..
It is quiet right now and that’s because many people are not here.  i like it sometimes and there are other times I don’t.  I guess I would prefer to be home and watching TV or on the computer instead of working. in weather like this..
It is no…

For Today

As I expected there was a lot of mail for me to open especially for lockbox.    THere was 141 Pieces from yesterday and they were all opened by 10 am.  The rest would have to wait until the post office mail was done.    While I was opening the mail one of my co-workers needed some assistance in putting the mail away.  I went to help as I am giving directions and she wasn’t getting them.  Then this freaking ass woman whom many of us have a strong disliking barged in and  wouldn’t mind her own business.  I did some strong venting ot Janet and CBarnett thought  I was actually talking with her.

I called  Mom at lunchtime and she was getting ready for her meeting in Middletown .  She said she would see how liz was before leaving.  While eating I asked Mom and she said that Liz was still tired.    I probably will call her myself on Thursday and let her rest.

I had veggie  quesadilla  for lunch it was delicious.  I managed to surf the web for a while too.  There is a newly organiz…

Where is the Sun?

You know something I really need to stop watching the weather reports.  I could have sworn they said we would get sun.  There is no sun outside.  There was fog this morning but its lifting in the city.  Other areas seem to still have it.

I talked with Mom this morning and she is doing okay but feeling guilty for not going up to see Liz.  I agreed that I felt the same way but neither of us can afford to get sick.  I am hoping Liz understands.  LIz called this morning still a little weak and not sure when or if she is getting out today.  Mom has a meeting or two I think other than that I have no idea what she is doing.

I am hoping a picture I sent to Liz with a text gets to her.  I just wanted to let her know I was thinking of her even if I couldn’t be there.  I called Nelson to see how he was doing and he was cleaning the house in anticipation of Liz’s return home.  He reassured me that Liz and he both understand why we haven’t gone up and they encourage it.

The sun came o…

Too much Caffiene

I knew I was going to have a problem sleeping tonight.  As I mentioned in my earlier entry I had not just hot chocolate but coffee too.  When I had dinner tonight at Plan B I also had Ice Tea. 

I  have now a cup of warm milk here and I am going to try and drink that and read a new book.  Actually I got it at my birthday.  It is called Freedom after 50 by  Sue Patton Theole.  As you can probably see it seems she has retired from the writing world.  Why is it I always find things out after the fact?

Okay I think I am going to get to sleep now that it’s after midnight.

In a real fog

It is really cold and very foggy today and according to the weather page its supposed to get even more foggy.  I told Mom this and she is deciding whether or not we really need anything at the store.  She isn’t feeling again either. 

I had a great time at the party last despite the fact we got into political discussions.  I somehow seem to start them and then try to get out of them not just for my benefit but for those who get equally impassioned about them as well. 

There was a lot of food so much so that the cake Mom made was not touched.  There were all sorts of appetizers, salads, lasagna, kielbasa, and desserts galore. 

Unfortunately one of John and Telka’s friends had a health issue and was taken to the hospital.  I couldn’t tell you what it was but in simple terms it may have been a blood pressure drop.  I would call Telka and find out how they were doing but she is in the middle of preparing for the students mid-terms.

When I got home Mom was already in bed and that was early f…

AFternoon going by fast

First off I would like to welcome all my new friends to the blog.  I really hope you enjoy your time here and hopefully you won’t be too bored with my world. 

This afternoon is moving along fast and not a lot is getting done.  I am moving along with the laundry but  after the last load I am not putting anymore in.  That’s until I get home.

I can smell the Lemon  sheet cake Mom is making for the party this afternoon.  Have I told you how much I Love my Mom?  You are probably wondering why she is doing it and not me.  Simply put I don’t bake and very rarely cook.  Actually I very rarely bake or cook.  Some day I will.  I help out in other ways. 

I got a call from Debbie M.  She was letting me know that  she picked up some drink mixes (don’t get to excited it’s the crystal light stuff) for the Mexican Train game “afternoon” in two weeks.

Well at least I am beginning to see improvement in this room.  I can actually see the floor again.    As usual my resolutions to keep the room in some ord…

Washed Away

Good Morning All it is after 9:30 and I have been up since 8.  It felt good  sleeping in a little.  Especially after  getting up early  all week.  My original intention was to have the laundry done by a certain time I just have to move it (up or back can’t remember).

Most of the snow we got has been washed away by the rain and warm temperatures.  I was just looking at this forecast and it is supposed to get into the 50’s.  This will do wonders for those who have this flu or anything else for that matter (bristles).  It looks like it will be cloudy but warm all week long.

Hmmm.   I just got a notification that some one wants to join the group and start one of her own.  I posted a welcome request and gave her some information on how to start her own group.  I hope that’s what she wanted.  She is from senior center or home I guess.

Mom is about to start baking the cake for tonight’s party.  She told me she is just waiting for everything  to come to room temperature.  I think actually I k…

Family Night

Last night was family night.  I had been checking messages on facebook and found one from a cousin on  my Dad’s side.  She was sending me her address.  Then I got a message from an old friend of Bob’s that was sending condolences. I sent a message to my nephew Rob (and ironically no response yet).  Then just about dinner time Liz sent me a text to my email account informing me she was in the hospital with pneumonia.   Then Ethel comes over for impromptu dinner and then we get phone calls from two of the Coulombe cousins.  I also had gotten emails from Lisa R asking  if we are still attending the little guy's birthday.  She wanted to know about Chris and his kids I couldn't answer.  

Earlier this afternoon I had called Mom for a second time and got an update.  Liz has been put into isolation and can’t have visitors.  Mom’s annoyed as she feels Liz should have been to the doctor’s sooner than this.  It was a little unnerving because you don’t know what is going on a…