A Lovely Time

Good evening to y‘all.  Despite the cold temperatures outside it is a beautiful moonlit night.  If you look over the sound in the east you can see the moon  hanging low.  It is definitely a beautiful sight.

My afternoon with Ethel was very nice.  I left here just about  1 and made a stop to the post office for Mom and then to the bank and then was back in to West Haven by 1:30.  I was going to head over to Ethel’s but decided to head home first.    I felt I was too early and I needed to pick up a few things anyway.

While here put the laundry in to the various machines and then took off again.  It was nearly 2.  Ethel was waiting in her office when I arrived.  She was checking to see if the cat got loose and then we took off.  We had intended to go to Biagetti’s but they didn’t open until 5 (so tell me why there were people in the bar?).  We decided to go to Duffy’s Tavern on  Campbell avenue.  This was my first time but not Ethel’s.  She and Bob apparently frequented this place. I can see why it was lovely.

Today was a little slow for them and it was quiet for us.  We started off with Buffalo Wings and then we each got a salad.  For some reason I can remember Ethel’s Baja Salad but I have to look up mine.  We had tea and for  $35.05 plus a $7 tip it was quite nice.    We talked about a lot of things.  Family , memories, the future.  It was quite nice.  I don’t think it was done in a vindictive way.   It was nearly 3:30 when we finished so I took Ethel home and I was back here 5 minutes later.

When I arrived I saw Neighbor Don and Princess Lilly.  She was so loveable.  Don and I chatted about Neighborhood stuff.  He says the Blue Heron that makes its home in the marsh behind our home came flying in and landed in his yard today.  It didn’t stay very long but it was a beautiful sight.

As I was talking with Don Mom was just leaving for church.  Don and I finished our conversation (I hope) and then I came in and checked on the rest of the laundry.  I also helped myself to a piece of pie.  I loved my salad but it certainly wasn’t enough. 

While Mom was at church I busied myself with TV, and some web browsing.  I even read some emails.  It was a nice quiet time for me.  Which let to me thinking about the meeting on Tuesday and causing me to fret about it.

When Mom came home it was after five.  We talked about the lunch and I asked her views on the restaurant she wasn’t overly thrilled with her times there.  We thought about dinner.  We decided to have cube steaks.  I am sure you have all had them at one time or another.  They were certainly delicious.

We watched our regular Saturday night fare on PBS.  I enjoyed the cooking shows, and of course this week’s segments on TOH from Essex MA.  It looks like it will be very nice.  When I see things like this I try and run to the blogs to find  any and all blogs from the towns they have worked in to see how the neighbors feel.  I never can find them.  May be this time will be different.

I have one final load of laundry that’s in the dryer.  I had promised Mom it wouldn’t be an all day project as it usually is but its 9 pm and it has become that.  I really should have started earlier like I had intended to.

Mom and I are just getting a few things together for the Mexican Train Game session tomorrow.  We have a tablecloth ready and the picture perhaps for the drinks.  I think we may need a couple more chairs but I am not sure.  That can be figured out tomorrow.

I think I am going to empty that dryer and go to bed.  I hope you are all having a great night.  Spend it with those you love.