AFternoon going by fast

First off I would like to welcome all my new friends to the blog.  I really hope you enjoy your time here and hopefully you won’t be too bored with my world. 

This afternoon is moving along fast and not a lot is getting done.  I am moving along with the laundry but  after the last load I am not putting anymore in.  That’s until I get home.

I can smell the Lemon  sheet cake Mom is making for the party this afternoon.  Have I told you how much I Love my Mom?  You are probably wondering why she is doing it and not me.  Simply put I don’t bake and very rarely cook.  Actually I very rarely bake or cook.  Some day I will.  I help out in other ways. 

I got a call from Debbie M.  She was letting me know that  she picked up some drink mixes (don’t get to excited it’s the crystal light stuff) for the Mexican Train game “afternoon” in two weeks.

Well at least I am beginning to see improvement in this room.  I can actually see the floor again.    As usual my resolutions to keep the room in some order flew literally out the window.

I need to get going now…see you late.r


This reminds me, I need to do some post-Christmas cleaning :)
Kate said…
That should be fun...especially on a cold January day like today..