Well things are going as planned.  The last of the loads of laundry is done.    Actually as soon as I finish this entry of babbling I am going to get them out of the dryer and then head to bed.

I have been just looking over my appointments for the week and can you say that its back to “regularly scheduled programming.  A few meetings and a very entertaining Saturday.  I have not one but two parties to attend and I will be completely wiped out by the end of that day.

Tomorrow I have to call the garage and finally get my car serviced.  Its in need of an oil change and some repairs (one of the belts squeals at different occasions).   The high pitch squeal not only gets me strange looks from people it also  gives me a headache.

Mom has a meeting tomorrow afternoon but nothing else so I suspect she will be taking the printer that died back to Costco.  I really wish her luck on that.  I have cynical feeling that it is not going to happen.

At some point this week I need to get some banking done.  It is time that I moved the rest of my accounts from the bank to the Credit Union. 

Okay its getting late and I need to be up early…G’Night.