Cold Showers

That’s what I had to do deal with bright and early this morning.  There was no hot water.  After taking the world’s record for speed showers I got ready for work.  Mom got up and I told her we have serious issues with the water.  I finished getting ready and she went downstairs and found out that our Hot water tank-Tanked.  There was water every where.  It wasn’t very deep (I was expecting to find water up to mid calf).  I left the house by 7:20.

By the time I got home later on in the day Mom had made calls to the Colandrea’s and went to the bank and the new water heater was in place.  Colandrea cleaned up as much as possible and is supposed to come back some time next week.  So is the plumber who repaired the upstairs toilet and sink downstairs.

After they all left Mom and I were talking about something and she couldn’t hear me very well and didn’t like it that I was moving my arms around.    We ended up in an argument after I told her I didn’t like her telling me how to tell stories.  We were angry with each other for nearly an hour.  That is until I apologized and we started from there. 

We got the house set for the 4th District.  We had a total of 12 members including the newest member we voted in.  The meeting went by quickly and of course there was a lot of food.  I was going to write up the minutes but got tired and I am heading to bed soon.

I did have training and it was pretty good. I think I understand it.  It was not as long as I expected.  I was back at the office by 11.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the mail.

I have to get going I am so tired.