I got to ask.  Is it too much to ask for some consideration?  There were a couple of cases of this God Forsaken flu at the nursing home this week.  So far two have it.  Both are on the first floor.  One came in with it from the hospital and the other resident caught it or something..  Would it have been that hard to call during the week and say Hey Kate we have a couple of cases of the Flu.  No I get the sign at the front door saying if you are sick or have the flu don’t visit. 

Due to having Lupus my immune system is bad and has been for a while.  Case in point last year when the GI-bug was hot and heavy in the nursing home.  Who got it?  Me Who passed it on two a couple of my co-workers?  Me.   Do I want to pass anything on to Mom?  Not really.  I wanted to go see Liz today and thought better of it.  I have since found out she is making her first trip out of the house since she has been home.

Since there was a Flu watch going on the number of residents allowed to congregate were supposed to be ten to twelve it was its normal fourteen.  They wanted 2 people to a table.  As you can see it didn’t happen.  Happily we started on time and ended on time.  This allowed me to get to church on Time.

After church I came home.  Mom was in her office and I had lunch the left over Chinese dish I had last night.  Later this afternoon we are going to our Friends Mike and Tessa’s for dinner.  They are going to a concert first and I will meet them at their house.

I have been checking emails, writing this entry and watching TV.  I finally found some blogs that were from Kansas that I enjoyed reading.  They were from Kansas.  They really didn’t discuss “farming” even though they like those things but for some reason it clicked with me.

I have also been trying very hard not to think about work this week.  I still find myself thinking about the Mini-changes that are coming down the pike.  If you recall Judy wants me to record the time it takes me to do things like opening the mail, doing the re-address mail,  the postage tallies.  She wanted to add the times to the current tally daily tally sheets and I don’t think it will work that way.  I am hoping she will be receptive to having a different form with the times on it.

It looks like  the woman’s club will have a Board meeting the first weekend of February.  Time to be announced and all.  It will usually be about the activities that are being planned and what our plans will be for the spring and summer.  I suspect that officer elections will be coming up very soon.

For the last several days we have noticed an influx of crows in the neighborhood.  They have been gathering in the trees out back and flying around and making a great deal of noise.  Mom is wondering if they are ravens.  All I know is they look like they are on steroids.  When Neighbor Don and I were talking about it yesterday he showed me they are dropping mussels from the river to open and feed on them.

Well Mom left for the concert and she ahs asked me to pick up my room.  She needs to keep her mouth shut actually.  She also may want to check my birth certificate.


I hope you don't catch that pesky flu bug!!
Kate said…
Thanks me too. I am not a fun patient and I would rather not miss work because of it.