Crazy Busy

It has been crazy busy today.  I got to work just at 8 and started immediately on the work on my desk.  At first I thought there was a lot of mail but I managed to finish the lockbox by the time US mail came.  I had just started it when it was time for our staff meeting.

The staff meeting was talking about priorities, OT, the Epic Live Date approaching, and things like that.  The meeting lasted an hour.   I went and got lunch before diving into the rest of the mail and when I got back to it I think it took me nearly an hour to do it.  I managed to get to the mail and work on most of the readdress mail before starting OT this afternoon.   The total count was over 500 pieces of mail.  The one thing that is reassuring is that when I send a copy to Susan she always manages to say thank you in the email.

The meeting with Susan and Judy has now been rescheduled for 1:30 on Thursday.  I spoke to Lee Ann this morning and we discussed it.  I had offered to get Stephanie G to be there but Lee Ann say she would be available.  I asked her if they could fire me and she says no.  When I asked Terry she also said the same thing.  They all have been great.  They believe they will be counseling me and then tell me my job is changing. 

Mom didn’t go to her meeting this morning.  She was still in bed when I was in the shower.  She told me she wasn’t feeling well again.  When I called later on in the day she was in bed for most of the day.  She didn’t sound good.  When I got home she was in the bathroom and then she was making some cream of wheat and watching TV.  She went to bed about three hours ago.

Liz emailed us today.  She invited us to her  Eucharistic Minister Commission ceremony.  It is this Saturday and will be done at the 4:30 mass at St Mary’s.  She has no idea what it all means (other than she will be able to distribute communion either at church or to people in the Nursing homes(s).  They will be having a pizza celebration afterwards.

I got home after 6:30 tonight.  It was raining but the traffic continued to move along at a good pace.  I had to go to the Pharmacy to pick up some stuff.  Then I got home.  Mom had ziti in a  dish for me to heat for my dinner.  It was good.

I spent the evening between the computer and the TV.  Now I am going to bed. 


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