First TGIF of 2013

I am glad it is Friday.  i have been busy today.   I managed to work on some of the readdress and the lock box (and that was weird too).  The bank that handles our lock box must have had new people working on it because they had opened and stapled the documents and the envelopes together.  It was time consuming to unstaple everything.We had spoken to them about it when we first contracted with them and it has been fine until today.  JB said she would speak to them about it.

I met with Debra and we spoke about the holidays and how I respond to things when I feel being judged and criticized and find a way of dealing with it.  it was interesting.

When I got back to the office I finished opening the post office mail.  I think the way I did it today took too much time to do it.  It also didn’t help to be online either.  I basically would open a small batch at time sort them and then date them and open the rest.  I should have just gone through looking for checks and then open and stamp the rest.  I managed to get the mail opened and delivered by 4.  All that’s needed to do is the postage.  I can do that first thing Monday.,.

The drive home seemed a little long to me and that was because there was an accident on the highway between Exits 44 and 43. There seemed to be a lot of damage but no one hurt.  I could see a State trooper getting off the highway on the Northbound and I figure he was coming to the scene of the crime.  Just as I was looking at it I turned to see a deer along the tree line of to the right.  It was beautiful.

I saw another beautiful sight as well.  If any of you are familiar with exit 41 on 95 in Orange you will know there is a big Hill as you are getting off.  It is a safe bet you will find everything from Canada Goose to Woodchucks to deer grazing around there.  Well today I saw a hawk standing on the ground apparently grazing.  I usually see them in my back yard either flying around or perched high above the ground on tree limbs.  I am not used to seeing them on the ground like that.

When I got home the sun was setting a little lower in the west.  When I got inside Mom was in her pajamas getting dinner ready.  I helped a little (just set the table a little) and then did some other things because we wouldn’t be eating until much later.

This allowed me some time to get online and surf the web for a little.  I checked some emails and found out that a friend of mine who is on the DTC/4th District with me is featured in a local magazine.  He is cute (even if he is married)

WE had pork chops and scalloped potatoes and peas for dinner.  Mom used a recipe that she normally doesn’t use and I don’t think she liked it but I did.  I will have to ask for the recipe and take a look at it later.

I was thinking I could do laundry but I am not up to it.  I am not tired yet but most friday’s I like to relax after working all day.

I just joined this blog.  Walks is fellow member of my Journal Writing list on the Yahoo Groups.  I am looking forward to reading her blog...:)

Well I am going to go turn on my Friday night Radio programs and chill out for the night.  I hope you have a great one.