For Today

As I expected there was a lot of mail for me to open especially for lockbox.    THere was 141 Pieces from yesterday and they were all opened by 10 am.  The rest would have to wait until the post office mail was done.    While I was opening the mail one of my co-workers needed some assistance in putting the mail away.  I went to help as I am giving directions and she wasn’t getting them.  Then this freaking ass woman whom many of us have a strong disliking barged in and  wouldn’t mind her own business.  I did some strong venting ot Janet and CBarnett thought  I was actually talking with her.

I called  Mom at lunchtime and she was getting ready for her meeting in Middletown .  She said she would see how liz was before leaving.  While eating I asked Mom and she said that Liz was still tired.    I probably will call her myself on Thursday and let her rest.

I had veggie  quesadilla  for lunch it was delicious.  I managed to surf the web for a while too.  There is a newly organized group  from Sandy Hook comprised of the families who have lost the children and family members one month ago yesterday calling for  discussion on  gun control and children safety and mental Health.

The rest of the afternoon I spent it opening the mail and worked until 5 to get it done.  All that was left is the postage and  re--address mail.   

I was happy to see that some of my co-workers returned to work from medical leave.  I really missed Marti.  She has been another good friend over the years.  She apparently has to continue healing.

The Drive home was long.  THere was a disabled car  on 95 near where I get off.    As a result I didn’t get home until 6 and we had a late dinner.  Mom had been caught in the tie up as well.