Freezing Friday

I woke up very early this morning at Mom’s suggestion and got to the clothes in the washer.  I sent them through and within the hour they were washed.   i put them in the dryer and spent time watching tV, getting online, and basically waking up.

I was all set to leave on time until I had to go searching for my keys and the ID badges.  I wasn’t able to find the ID Badges until I got to work and of course I found the keys.  I didn’t get to the office until after 8.

It was so cold this morning.  I was uncomfortable.   It was a little windy too but then there is a huge wind tunnel down George Street anyway.  As I mentioned it was after 8 when I arrived and ran smack dab into the EX Dir Dess-Santoro.  All sorts of things were going through my head.  I was half expecting Susan, Judy, or someone to come running down and saying “you're late”.  

When I got to the office greeted people and then got to work.  Aside from an occasional conversation its pretty quiet here..  The mail was waiting for me to start.  I worked on that and readdress mail and then around 11 the post office mail came.

I left for Debra’s around quarter of 12 and then we had our session.  We discussed the week’s events and things that were agitating me (lots of different things).  When it was time to leave it was nearly quarter of one.  I walked back and it was still cold.

When I got back I dove into the mail that was left on my desk.  I also found emails from Judy asking for a couple of things.  One of them was the monthly mail long up today.  I also was asked to help with scanning when I am done with the mail.  I also wanted to clarify to be sure that she knows I do work on the re-address mail every day.  She understood that..  Later on in the day she wanted me to include times each of the mail-opening activity takes.  This is really upsetting me because I had asked her if people were complaining or if there were problems..  She told me know and that if there were then she would tell me.  I did let Lee-Ann know about it..  I would have told her more but I didn’t know the other part until later..  

I was so frustrated that when I left the office it wasn’t until after 4.  I was forgetting things behind (like my thumb drive and gloves).  I managed to get the gloves but the thumb drive will have to wait until Tuesday..  Most of the stuff on there i have on the hard drive as well.  I also printed out the two most important documents anyway.  I talked with a couple of coworkers about the situation and the whole being treated like a baby by the family.

Why am I talking about being treated like a baby by the family?  Um they keep giving advice about work.  For example (don’t make personal phone calls, internet use, etc.  Apparently I am not the only one it happens to.  This was one of the things I was also talking to Debra about at our session.
When I spoke to Mom about it earlier she dismissed me and told me I should just listen and that it puts me in a bad light when I don’t.  How do you think that made me feel?
So I have resigned to let it go in one ear and out the other.  It will be hard but to save my sanity and emotions its something that has to be done.
I talked with Liz tonight and she is still exhausted and her energy level was waning .  She was going through stuff and then heading back to bed I guess.  She was supposed to be going to her daughter-in-law’s shower tomorrow but she isn’t up to it.  She was disappointed on several fronts.  She has been left out of the entire planning of the event and  she was disappointed that her family wasn’t invited (I would imagine she meant us).  She doesn’t understand what is going on and I don’t ether but it will reveal itself some day..
This weekend will be one of low-key. I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow.  So I will just do laundry and relax and leave work behind.  Sunday I will probably volunteering and then come back and relax more..  Monday will get ready for the short week and watch TV and perhaps part of the Presidential Inauguration.