I try very hard to do my job.  That does include getting the ever-loving and ever constant junk mail delivered.  Unfortunately when I have limited number of inter-office envelopes it makes it hard.  I have gone to the TRS site to order them but I have to fill out this stupid requisition list and when I ask ML to help she doesn’t know how.  Mind you she is the top administrative Assistant to the EX-Director of YMG.  She has also told me its not my job to order them.  Then whose job is it?  She keeps telling me that there are plenty all over the floor go check with them.  I have and there are very little to none.

Later on in the day a co-worker came to me and said I had taken the last of her interoffice envelopes and I let her know I didn’t.  She then asked if she could take some more.  I think I had just freaking told her “I am running low” or I don’t have any.  By the second time I said it my voice was raised and she looked at me and said don’t yell at me and told me I was unprofessional!!! I tried to make it up to her and quite frankly she can drop off the planet.  She was sullen for the next hour.  First off she isn’t my boss in any capacity.  You want to talk about unprofessional?  How about assuming I took the envelopes and then expect me to give her some when I clearly said I don’t have many.

Iamthisclose to going to Staples and buy a box for myself.  When I said that to Judy she immediately emailed Susan and asked her to order some.  Whether or not it was successful is questionable.

For the last couple of days Judy has been sending out a barrage of emails that some find rather insulting and anal.  I don’t know for sure but our team may be the only ones getting “reminders” that we need to call if we are going to be late, use our time if we are late, we need to be aware of our breaks too.  If I am not mistaken when we can eat and what we can eat at our desks.  I am not sure if and how long that will last.

Tomorrow morning I have my Epic Training class.  It will be from 8-1 pm and it will be downstairs.  I am not sure what to expect but from what I heard of the others for the other facets they need it for it’s a little scary.  I am probably going to go to bed early tonight so I am up early enough to get there.  It’s in the same building.

I was able to get back into the scanning world at work today.  It was for an hour but I was glad to be doing it.  I just had to remember some things band by the time I was finished it was all coming back to me.

I got a call today from the Milford Chamber of commerce today.  They wanted to know if I would be attending the student Mini-Grant interviews tomorrow afternoon.  I sent a text message to Telka to let her know about the phone calls and that I wouldn’t be able to go.  I actually forgot about them as well.  I figured someone would be there.  If Telka tried to respond I didn’t get it because my phone is on my desk.  I did send her an email when I got home but no response yet.

The weather here was soooo cold.  I didn’t go out unless I was going home.   I was dressed warm both times but it still didn’t help.  The reports on the TV say the temps will be colder tonight and tomorrow.  The storm they had predicted for Daytime Friday has now moved to Friday night into Saturday.  I do have to admit the winter sky was beautiful.  The sun was setting but one of the clouds reminded me of that ribbon in Star Trek: Generations movie.

When I got home I put the garbage out front for pick up tomorrow.  Happily it wasn’t recycle day either. The bin for that is rather awkward.  If the link worked ours is like the second from the left but green.  After dinner I put the rest out.

Mom was upstairs on her computer when I got home.  She still is not feeling that great.  She has been having bouts of nausea and its been frequent this week.  I suggested she see the doctor and she said if it gets worse (she has been to the doctors for check ups lately) she would go.

We had spaghetti for dinner tonight.  It was delicious but I am finding myself still hungry.  I ate a lot too.  I am going to see if there is any Lemon Meringue pie left. 

Have a great night and stay warm…


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