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In a real fog

It is really cold and very foggy today and according to the weather page its supposed to get even more foggy.  I told Mom this and she is deciding whether or not we really need anything at the store.  She isn’t feeling again either. 

I had a great time at the party last despite the fact we got into political discussions.  I somehow seem to start them and then try to get out of them not just for my benefit but for those who get equally impassioned about them as well. 

There was a lot of food so much so that the cake Mom made was not touched.  There were all sorts of appetizers, salads, lasagna, kielbasa, and desserts galore. 

Unfortunately one of John and Telka’s friends had a health issue and was taken to the hospital.  I couldn’t tell you what it was but in simple terms it may have been a blood pressure drop.  I would call Telka and find out how they were doing but she is in the middle of preparing for the students mid-terms.

When I got home Mom was already in bed and that was early for her.  The earliest I have seen her go is 9 but she usually had to be some where the next day very early.  Today she is not completely feeling better.  She said her back is hurting her and her short answers although not constant are intermixed with regular conversations.

I was checking emails before going off to bed and I found one from Jeanette V and she wasn’t able to open the email attachment I sent her so I had to cut and past to the email and send it that way.  I hope she got it.

I slept until 7:30 this morning and when I got up I spent time online and watching some TV.  I also explained to Mom that her cake was not eaten and the reason for it.  This afternoon she was glad they didn’t eat it because now we can use it for our 4th District meeting in two weeks.

I left for the nursing home at my usual time making stops at the neighbors dropping off our newspapers.  Then I had one more stop to make.  It was to D&D for breakfast.  I ended up getting 2 extra large caffeine drinks and a BEC on a bagel. 

Bingo went very well. Despite the fact I had a little dizzy spell prior to the residents arriving.  Matthew B returned from the injured list.  He dislocated his knee in a wrestling match before the holidays.  He was incredibly helpful today and of course a joy to work with.  Did I mention that we had 15 residents playing today?  I think we also had three new players today too.

What I didn’t know was I left my lights on in the car and completely decimated the battery.  Luckily the security guards with the help of one of the picketers got my car jumped after 20 minutes.  I called the garage back and cancelled my request for help.

I talked with Liz before I realized the car was dead.  She was tired because of not getting much sleep because of the steroids they have her on.  She is in Isolation still and still needed rest. 

I was home by 12:15 and Mom was in the kitchen. I scared her half to death.  For the next several hours until Dave picked me up I spent it trying to write THIS entry and surfing the web.  I also watched a little bit of TV.

Rose and Dave picked me up some time after 4.  We headed to the mall where Dave and Rose had to go to a couple of stores before going to the movies.  I went with Rose and it was a short trip to Target.  We met back at the movie theater and went in to get tickets.

We saw Gangster Squad.  Dave paid for my ticket because I left my wallet at home.  We went through the previews, the behind the scenes of both TV and movies (We paid $8.50 for this?) and then more previews of upcoming movies that I would be interested in seeing. 

When the movie finally started it was graphic and violent.  It was fun trying to identify all the cast members.  Some were surprising and some not so much.  But I did notice at least three or four that were in TV shows I have watched.  However, I just took a look and didn’t see all of them listed on the cast list at IMDB.  I don’t know if I would see it again. 

After the movie we headed back to the house so I could pick up my wallet and then went to Plan B restaurant in the Whole Foods shopping center.  We started off with Wings seasoned with Garlic Pepper Parmesan cheese.  We each had sandwiches (Dave had his usual chicken sandwich and we had burgers.  Mine was 4 cheese burger and onion rings.  When we were done Dave drove me home and I have been watching TV and checking emails.
Now that it is almost ten I think I am going to go to bed.  I want to try and get to work early tomorrow and work on the re-address mail.

Have a great night.


I have been wanting to see Gangster Squad but the reviews have not been good. Which is surprising because Sean Penn is the greatest actor on the planet.
Kate said…
I don't normally listen to reviews most of the time anyway either bad or good. Although if they are good I have found myself going to them as much.

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