Laid back Saturday

Last night I decided that I would attempt to clean out my inbox.  They were from the various lists I belong to.  As well as the community service groups I am a part of and of course the entertainment world, and the family news.  I try to save them if they have anything I need to know.  Unfortunately I let them accumulate that it has become overwhelming. 

Every so often I also update the different files with notes that indicate where the emails go or things to know.  It’s either that I would have no memory left on this computer.

The rest of the day was spent the way I wanted.  I did laundry and watched TV and had Chinese for dinner.  Mom left around 12:30 for the Opera and came back around after 4.  She went to church afterwards.

She wasn’t thrilled with my dining choice.  For those of you who are wondering it was Lucky Dragon.  She argued that everyone she knows doesn’t like that place.  My only response was well the group did.  I didn’t want to go out to Orange and I wasn’t up to going down to the Baybrook one.  I am beginning to think I should have.  My hands ache and I had a headache. 

Cousin Donna called today.  She had been in CT last week but was really on a tight schedule and couldn’t really stop and visit.  She and her husband had just gotten home to North Carolina but she wanted to give a brief update on her nephew.  He is home right now and that hasn’t been any follow up planned (please see yesterday’s entry).

We talked about other things (beyond the weather).   It was really cool it was about travelling, our home town.  It was great.   For some reason it was really and awkward goodbye and I don’t know why.  When Mom came home I gave her the message.

Now that it is after 10 I think I am going to bed as well.  Mom just went there herself.  I don’t think she has too much planned for tomorrow. 

Have a great night…