Most Auspicious and Historical

Good Evening my friends!  I hope you enjoyed this most Auspicious and historical day.  I got up at a decent hour and helped around here for a bit.  Mom realized yesterday she put a lot of pressure on herself by having dinner guests two days out.  So this morning after her Eye doctor’s appointment she went shopping for the menu.  I offered to vacuum and dust. 

As I was in the middle of it Mom got an email from Olivia our cleaning lady and she wants to come tomorrow and clean.  I immediately stopped cleaning.  I have been watching parts of the inauguration and NCIS, browsing the web.  I even made some calls.

Mom went to her doctor’s appointment and then shopping.  She seemed to be gone a long time and after last night’s trip home my imagination was running a little crazy.  Happily she came home around 2 and was fine. 

It was just about then I decided I would go see Liz.  Mom had stopped there but didn’t stay long as Liz had an old friend visiting.  I called her and asked if she was up for another visitor and she said yeah.  So I got ready to leave.  Mom asked me to drop something off at RadioShack afterwards.

I was with her for almost an hour.  She talked about her visit with her classmate and friend, her entire stay at the hospital.  The upcoming trip to the Maryland area; they had signed up for one and this trip came up.

After my visit I left for RadioShack.  By then the snow had started to fall.  I drove to the mall and parked near the food court.  I had literally forgotten where the store was.  I had parked in the parking garage so that I wouldn’t have to brush off the snow.  Let’s just say I got my exercise going back and forth at least 4 times.  I was able to return the item and got money back.  I even stopped for a slice of pizza.

Normally the mall is the last place I want to be.  I am not a shopper but it was kind of interesting to see what stores were there and what new ones were arriving.  Anyone hear of Forever21?  There were kids every where and even playing around on the escalator and some older kid made a comment.  For some unexplained reason I defended the kids.  The other kids looked up like they were going to challenge this 5’6’ guy and I said just ignore it and move along.  Now granted I didn’t do things like that when I was there age (I don’t think I hung out with a large crowd of kids like that).  I also don’t think I will win any brownie points either.

It was after 4 when I got home.  Mom went out to get some lemons for a lemon meringue pie for tomorrow night’s dinner.  She already had our dinner for tonight in the oven.  We didn’t eat until 6.  We also had the soufflé that Tess made for us.  It was good.  It needed cooking a little bit longer.  

Since dinner I have been watching TV, and Mom has been preparing tomorrow’s dinner and my lunch for work. 

I sent a message to Jim and he says there is no snow in Allentown-yet.  I told him we are getting a dusting.  At least this part of Milford is The Northern part of Milford is not right now.  God that’s weird to write.

Well I think I am going to read my F-lists and then get ready for the week.  Read: Go to bed.  I am beginning to get the nervousness back in my stomach again.