New Years Eve Day

Well I have been here for nearly 45 minutes.  It’s quiet except for the occasional whirring of machines.  Susan and PattiM are here and I have signed in with Patti.  Today is also month end.  It is the same every year.  Our Month end and Recess occurs at the same time.  I seem to remember that we usually make the monthly goals at this time of year.

I have been up since 5:30.  The pups were very patient with me when I changed the sheets on the bed (me think they had made their deposits in the other room).  I got the garbage out including the broken glass from the picture.  They stayed on their bed(s) longer than I was expecting as I was trying to get cleared up.

I started off the day with re-address mail but didn’t get far.  I remember the mail from downstairs that was delivered over the weekend and got that at the same time as lockbox arrived.  I really worked my ass off.  Courier Jim arrived incredibly early (thankfully) with the us mail.  Courier Mack didn’t get there until 11:30 and I was really starting to get anxious.  I really wanted to leave by 1 and at this rate didn’t look good for me.

The Lobby mail that arrived today arrived just as I was getting ready to leave.  I asked Susan if I could do it Wednesday as I really need to leave.  WHen I talked with Patti she could tell I was having a moment of Anxiety.

Part of the reason is I over heard Joel from Finance saying something about getting behind.  My mind raced.  I was sure that she was referring to a conversation I had with her last week.  I was thinking they were also talking about the pile of junk mail-okay mountain of junk mail on the floor by my chair.    Patti said or reassured me I was fine.  I would like to believe that.  I even told her I worry about my job.  I have known Patti my entire time at OPS/YMG and she has always been fair and wonderful to me.  It is quite possible I was becoming over tired and worried about getting everything I needed to do today done by the time I went out tonight.

When I left the garage I went to the store in West Haven and picked up the ingredients (again) for the dip Mom was going to make.  Would you believe at my age I couldn’t remember what constitutes as 1 lb of cheese?  I knew I was in trouble then.  A really nice lady helped me.  I got the crackers Mom wanted (actually she said get what I wanted).

After what seemed like forever to check out I drove to the bank and got money out for dinner.  I came home dropped everything off and then went to the pups.  I walked them, fed them, burped them (and played) with them.  Found out they also left me packages in the far corner of the office.  During all this Nancy and Olivia sent messages they had arrived in Hartford and would be home.  

I was home by 4:30.  MOm was too.  She thought there was a 4:30 service there wasn’t.  She tried again at 6.  While she was out I got showered and dressed and watched TV.  A short time later M&R arrived and we were off for the evening.