No Snow yet

The snow has not arrived yet but  from the looks of the sky I will say it will be very soon.  Once I finish my morning activities I will be home for the rest of the day.  I should be back here by 12:30.

My plans are quite simple laundry, watching NCIS marathon, and finishing up the three Thank you notes I have left to do.  I do have to make phone squad messages and that I can do later.

I got a text message from Jim last night.  He loves the DVD of NCIS that Mom gave him for Christmas.   He offered to re-gift it to me and he would get a new one for himself.  I sent back that’s very sweet but don’t have to.  The next time I come for a visit we can have a marathon.  I personally don’t like re-gifting per se.  I think its awful and really rude.  I don’t mind if its food but if it is an actual gift I do mind.

Mom is already downstairs having coffee and reading her paper.  We nearly collided in the hallway.  I got first dibs on the bathroom.  She had to go downstairs and use the one in the kitchen.  She does that frequently when I am in the bathroom.

Well its getting late and I need to move along..