Not a bad Day after all

The day has now ended.  Our dinner guests left just about half hour ago and Mom is cleaning up the kitchen.  I offered to help but she said no that I have to get up early tomorrow for work.  She is right though.

The dinner was great even though it disappointed Mom.  She felt the meat was too dry.  The rest of us ate it.  We had corned beef, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage.  We had lemon meringue pie for dessert.

I left her this morning shortly after 7.  I made it to the gas station and filled the tank up and headed to New Haven.  I got to the office in good time despite the cold. 

When I arrived I had some time I brought up the concerns I had with Judy and she said it isn’t just me that has to submit a productivity but everyone is.  Okay that works for me.   I offered to make another sheet separate from the tallies because it wouldn’t work together..  I also confided and admitted to her that while I do get online I make sure I limit my time.  I am not sure if that will help or sink my career.  I managed to get all the work done by 4. 

I did find out that one of my Co-workers who is very special to me will be going out on medical leave for six weeks.  It is a serious surgery and I am worry about it.  So I am saying some extra prayers for her and her family. 

I saw Dr. Becker she is pleased with my visit today.  She did notice I was a little swollen today and we talked about the plaquenil and the face rashes.  She did say that if there were any thing in the blood tests and urine test that are “hinky” they would call me.

Okay I am tired so I am going to bed hope your Tuesday was great.


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