Not a bad day after all

Well despite my anxiety and nervousness I had a good day.  Susan was nice enough to say hello when we passed each other.     I got to the office fairly early and started working on Friday’s postage/return mail.   I thought was pretty well done with the tallying but had to recheck my numbers.   I  worked on lockbox by 20 of 9 and was finished nearly an hour later.  I spent an hour doing the re-address mail and then post office mail came.  The mail was done in a timely manner.It allowed me to work on today’s postage stuff and worked some more on the readdress stuff.  

The meeting with Susan and Judy was rescheduled for Thursday in the afternoon 1 pm.   I spoke to several people including Judy verbalizing my concerns and anxiety.  Most if not all said not to worry that I have been here too long.  Some feel it might in all likelihood  job changes (from Mail to Scanning period).    Its funny at one point my mind did go there.  I wouldn’t mind joining the scanning team.  I like doing it.  There are other aspects of it as well.  Logging in the batches and the logging them out on another and then interfiling them and preparing them to be scanned by the scanners.  I still get a little nervous and worried but not as bad as over the weekend.

It started snowing just around  11 this morning and didn’t stop until 2 or 3.  Many of my co-workers decided it would be in their best interest to leave early so they would not be caught in the worst of it.  Of course I stayed until 4.  The drive home wasn’t bad either.  By then it was raining and slushy.

When I got home Mom was in the kitchen making dinner.   One of her meetings was cancelled but her 7 pm one wasn’t and she was happily getting a ride from one o f the other board members.  I am not sure what time she is coming home but I hope it will be early.

I found the set of keys I tore the room up for  this morning.  They were in the “valley” between the windshield and the engine top of the car.    Apparently they had been there all night Saturday.  All day Sunday (how they  didn’t fly out of that thing is beyond me)  until this morning when I saw them as I was getting into the car.

Lynda from the journaling list posted a question today asking for feedback from the rest of us.  Apparently she got an email from someone who cliamed he was on one of the groups she was in and wanted her to critique  his work.  He only sent it to her and  no one else in the list.  Only a few responded to her inquiery and they also felt it was an odd email to send  to her.  She questioned the guy again and  when she still felt weird she told him to send  to the group.

Telka insists the guy in the picture she sent me was Kevin Sorbo.  It clearly wasn’t.  I checked both the actors twitter and Facebook and he doesn’t mention going to Atlantic City.  That he was at Sundance.

I am getting more tired now so I am going to bed.  Mom just got home so she is now in for the night.

I have been watching TV too.


Keys always end up in the strangest places don't they? :)
Kate said…
oh for sure..:) I have absolutely no idea how they didn't go flying out of that thing when I was driving. Two of the house keys are not mine they belong to friends whom I babysit their furbabes for. I would have felt terrible if I had lost them.