Post New Year's Day Stress

I am totally exhausted and a little aggravated.  I left here just after 12:30 to  head to Dave’s house for the party.  I made arrangements also to meet with Nancy.  Before leaving here my stress level was elevated.

Why do you ask?  One word rhymes with Bomb.  It seemed every time I opened my mouth She would challenge every thing that came out of my mouth.   She didn‘t like the way my face looked   it looked raw.   Then she wondered why I was  taking so long to drop things off to the Chris’s.  First of all this stuff could have been delivered to everyone bright and early this morning.    Second I had a few minutes to chat and I took it.

Tonight when she got home and we were talking bout the success of the dip I brought to the party we started talking about my impromptu visit with Nancy and she asked how did they pay me.  When I told her she gasped and said that was a lot.  I got defensive and told her that it felet like it was a criticism.  She said I wasn’t a professional that I did this out of friendship.  I pointed this amount was what I charged last year and that for $15 for ten days was reasonable.

She is constantly questioning in a rude way I feel anything  I say or do and she claims were are just having a conversation about it.  It is very much a criticism and quite frankly I resent it.  I can’t remember the other incident today but it just is far too much. 

It sounded like she was going to get critical for my being late for Dave’s party.  Again not her call.  I explained what I had to do and he basically said I didn’t really have to be there exactly at 1.  Many  others didn’t come for nearly half an hour.  But if Dave did it to me or we would arrive later then the actual scheduled time then it would be okay.

I some times feel as though I am getting gas lighted by my family.  Oh you can’t do  such and such but it is okay for us to do it. 

My visit with Nancy was great.  We talked about the  adventure’s in puppy sitting their traveling and the holiday.  Preston  cuddled into my shoulder as I held him.  Packy according to Olivia  and Nancy gets very jealous of the attention Preston gets.  I guess you could say we were comparing notes on the dogs.  She also gave me a beautiful honey and vanilla soap and dish and some candy.  It was great.  They are really cool people and I am glad they are in my life. 

Dave’s party was great.  There was a lot of food and everyone loved the dip I brought.  A couple of people asked for copies of the recipe.  Of course he kept shoving food into peoples faces..  For the most part it was fun.

I stayed there until 5:30 and drove home.  I guess my driving annoyed others.  One blew his horn at me and then drove around me in 25 mile an hour zone on the right side.  I don’t think you are supposed to do that.    The rest of the ride home was uneventful.

When I got home Mom hadn’t come home from the event she said she had been invited to by M&T.  So I spent the time watching TV and discovered we have a new TV channel on our cable system .  It’s Cozi TV according to Wikipedia  it has been around a while and went mainstream this year.   I can’t remember the name of the channel it replaced but the upswing is I get to see Some early shows I haven’t seen in years.

Well it now after midnight so I am going to hit the sack…