Short week not necessarily fast

Everyone I have talked with loves the fact it is a short week but it isn’t necessarily a quick week.    I think all of us have said at one point “it’s only Thursday?”  It definitely will happen again this month.  We have Martin Luther King off and then Good Friday.  Here is the list of Holidays that Yale University observes.

I have been going to bed late for the last few days.  I really need to hit the sack earlier.  I do plan on going right after I watch HTLJ on Hub.    Anyway,  I would like to get like a full 8 hour sleep and the only way to do that is probably going to bed early.  I may just do that anyway.

The mail volume was surprisingly light today and that  probably means I will get nailed with a high volume either tomorrow or next week some time.  The upside to this light mail was I was able to  work on the re-address mail.  I even had some time to visit with people I don’t get to see in a while.

Mom is looking for a pair of pants that she can’t find.  I told her I would look in my realm but so far I couldn’t find it in the wardrobe.  I will have to look through the laundry piles tomorrow. 

I still get the feeling that she is annoyed with me on some level but I still can’t figure out what it might be about.  It is making me feel like I am becoming paranoid and that’s not a good feeling.  At least I can talk it over with Debra tomorrow.

Weather  wise its quiet.  It is about 32 degrees out and  it is supposed to drop to the twenties.    It looks like it will be in the mid to high 30’s for most of the weekend.  That will be good because I plan on going into work on Saturday for a few hours.  There is no snow or rain in the forecast for the next several days.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with The Microsoft Works program.  It has a lot of different programs that I can use both in excel and word processing and its calendar.  I think it opened up when I reinstalled  Quicken.  I have been using these programs more than my regular programs.  In the programs there are templates for journals and  home organizations and it looks like it will be fun to explore.

Well I better go to bed.  I can’t seem to keep my eyes opened and I had coffee earlier today and it was mid morning.